Friday, September 13, 2013

A Letter to Windows 8

Dear Windows 8,
  I'm sorry we ever met.  You add an element of frustration and anxiety to my life that is paramount to no other and furthermore, you make me feel old.  I was so excited to unwrap my shiny new laptop which I found online for a steal of a deal (thank you Best Buy).  I was relieved to finally have a letter "a" that would work the first time, every single time I pressed it, but you have changed the game. After two months, I still don't know how to "wake" my computer. Sometimes pressing the power button and then moving the mouse turns it on and other times, it does not.  Furthermore, I never know what version of my Internet Explorer I'm viewing, it's like you have two totally different identities.  Sometimes the address bar is at the top, other times I have to put the mouse in the corner and find it at the bottom and this seems change every time I move off the screen.  I downloaded Adobe Acrobat yet for some reason I still can't print from it.  It seems as if I am no longer familiar with any program anymore. Is it me and not you?

Frustratingly Yours,

On an adorable note, here are my guys....