Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Backpack Sale

I have been wanting to get my soon-to-be-a-Kindergartener a new backpack for some time now.  I got my older son one from L.L.Bean, which I love, because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee.  From their website "Return anything purchased from us at any time.." Boys can be extremely hard on backpacks (or anything really) so this totally makes sense to me. 

I received an e-mail last week about their Deluxe Book packs being 25% off (which they still are) but by the time I had it in my cart, with a monogramming, it was still kind of expensive, even with a 20% coupon and free shipping so I wanted to wait on it.  Also, camouflage is not allowed at the Friend's school but I figured since it was orange and not "typical camo" it would pass, but this was further adding to my ambivalence. Here's the one I was eyeing-up:
A few days later (today), and still without a backpack, I decided to go back to the L.L. Bean's website and low and behold, there were three backpacks that were on sale for $14.96.  These are the "original" backpacks not the "deluxe" but they are better for a 5 year-old anyway.  I chose the perfect backpack for him, with his name embroidered on it, with free shipping and a 20% off coupon and it came to $20, an unbeatable price!  On the left is the special one I chose (yay!).  The other two are also available for the same price: