Monday, November 2, 2015

Bathroom Reno Day 1 and a very Happy Birthday!

It took one day of renovating to completely gut my bathroom.  First this guy arrived:
And then 3 men and a few hours later it was completely filled and my bathroom was gutted:

In other exciting news, Elie has turned 17! 
This is one of our first days together almost 17 years ago
Elie chillin' today

Elie's regimen of insulin 2x/day, pain meds 2x/week and glucosamine weekly
Here's hoping we have another 17 years together :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bathroom Renovation Chronicled - Day 0

For posterity and kicks, I have decided to chronicle our master bathroom renovation.  Our bathroom has been in various stages of disrepair for the last four years.  The bathtub leaked rendering it unusable, the marble floor cracked, the shower leaked and the icing on the cake was the pipes freezing every winter and finally bursting last winter.  Here is the "before":

Stay tuned for updates...