Monday, September 7, 2015

Art as Communication

I did not know why I was purchasing "Primadonna with Curls" by Kรคhler, but I did.

Later, I heard a whisper.  It was a communication about the piece through the eye's of a child.  I could hear the artist speaking to me.

From that point forward, the purpose of the piece could be seen.  And its purpose could not be unseen.

I realized what had happened.  I had heard a secret - art had been the vessel of a playful communication.  And that secret gave me a new way to see the world.

It gave me the gift of an open mind.

So, do not be ashamed.  Listen to music that speaks to you, be inspired by items at the thrift store, cook your favorite recipe, light a candle, touch your spouse.

You are making and listening to Art.

After all, a communication is something shared.

-Rob and Rachel