Monday, July 4, 2011

You Get What You Pay For

  A couple of weeks ago, Charlie ran to the dining room window, spotting a fire truck parked in our neighborhood...a highly unusual occurrence.  We took him outside to investigate. When we got up to the truck, two fireman came over, proud of their shiny vehicle.  When we asked them what was going on, they told us that they had received a grant to replace fire alarms in older homes.  They were going door-to-door to see if the folks in our neighborhood were interested.  About an hour later, they arrived at our home and asked if we were interested...we immediately said "Yes!"  They replaced all of our alarms (except one), with new alarms with a 10-year Lithium battery...we were beyond excited.
  Flash-forward to the NEXT day when I'm preheating my oven to 450 degrees, readying it for a Boboli pizza (a new family favorite).
My kitchen fills with smoke (no, this picture is not blurry, it is smoke-filled), which is relatively common at such high temperatures in my oven, and instead of the usual screaming from the two closest alarms, all we hear is silence....


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