Thursday, January 26, 2012 vs.

I was recently persuaded to join while playing "Words With Friends" on Facebook.  70% was just too enticing to pass-up.  So, I joined, got a $5 off coupon (score!) and began browsing.  While the stuff on the site is beautiful, I just wasn't sure the prices were so "fab."  Yesterday, I opened-up the site and found these pillows from Safavieh which I

love!  The original price for the pair was $113, marked-down to $59...a steal of a deal!  I had remembered reading a review for an ottoman on earlier in the week where the reviewer stated it was a Safavieh ottoman they had purchased and the Overstock price was the best around.  I

I headed-over to: to see if they sold other Safavieh items and if I could spot the same pillow and see what they were selling for.  Lo-and-behold, by typing in the name of the pillows "Isadora" the same exact 22 inch pillow came up for $43.99 for the set.

The moral of the story is that even though a price seems "fab" you should still look around because you never know, you may find a better price.  And yes, I did order those pillows, from where, I will not say.

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