Monday, March 5, 2012

My Break-Up with Facebook

Yesterday, after much deliberation and a very insightful conversation with a new friend, I decided to delete my personal facebook account.  I have been mulling this decision over for a while now and after a few unsavory incidents, the time seemed right.

I feel liberated.  I no longer feel obligated to "friend" family members and acquaintances that I have no interest in actually being "friends" with.  I'm will not feel pressure to comment on every adorable baby picture, wish randoms a "Happy Birthday" or pretend that I all of a sudden care about faces from my past that I didn't care about (or even worse) back then.  I will continue to share my life and pictures with people whom I actually care about and who actually care about me.

There are a few things I will miss about Facebook, the biggest ones being our secret book club group and playing "Words with Friends" on a large screen, however, a little birdie told me Zynga is branching-off from Facebook so even this point may soon be moot.

Here is something that actually IS important:
My Guys

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