Friday, October 14, 2011

Channeling My Inner-Mallrat

Here's some back-story:  We purchased our house from a family who had recently bought and gutted it.  The upstairs bedrooms were the parents' and children's and the downstairs bedroom (now my office) was intended to be used by a grandmother.  That being said, the master bedroom, as well as my office had key-operated locks on it (unlike the other doors which have locks that can be opened with pennies)....which would be fine, however, we don't have the keys for them. "What ifs" occasionally crossed my mind, but I liked the privacy so I always pushed my concerns aside and decided to deal with it at a later date, well, today is that date...

As part of my morning rush, I ran upstairs to get something out of my bedroom.  My door was closed, not highly unusual with a two-year-old who LOVES to slam doors, however, I know for a fact he was on the first floor all morning since waking-up.  I grabbed the doorknob and it was locked. " Holy s-expletive", what am I going to do?  I tried to remain calm but all I could think about was a cat (or four) stuck in there, deciding that since they couldn't get out, they were going to use my bedroom as a giant litterbox.  I ran downstairs and grabbed the thinnest "credit card" I could Loehmann's Insider wouldn't budge.  And then, it happened, Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob fame) took over my psyche and I kicked the door "Wolvie Berserk" style:
So much for privacy.  Oh well,  it's a good excuse to get the handyman over for a few jobs we have on the "To-Do" list.  And the culprit couldn't be any cuter today, his school picture day.


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