Sunday, July 27, 2014

Found Joy

Last night as my husband and I were attempting to leave a restaurant review on "Trip Advisor" (which, by the way, is super impossible and involves them trying gain access to all your personal information), we came across some old photos of the kids that were stored in the "Drafts" section of an e-mail account that I don't really use.  In an effort to not lose these precious pics, I wanted to share them here:
Little RJ and his candy airplane
Long-haired RJ lounging with Play-Doh in his fleece pjs
2 year-old Charlie in love
Little Charlie probably the first and last time he ever fell asleep in the car
Sweet Baby James in the brown pjs I loved with a tiny scratch below his eye
And here are the delicious fellas in a picture that typifies Summer 2014
This about sums it up
Summer, life, time.....please slow down......

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